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Elysium Warzone

Elysium Warzone VIP 1 Day

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Elysium Warzone VIP is a Fully customizable warzone mods menu, with stream proof protection against Xsplit & Streamlabs! A powerful mod menu with features like never seen before Elysium warzone mod menu is one of the best mod for warzone. Prioritizing and for ensuring user’s safety, the menu gets frequestly updated with regular bug fixes (if found any) and comes with a spoofer to keep the user’s experience as rich as possible without risking of getting user’s account banned. Save up to 9 custom configurations and switch between them via hotkeys. Easily switch between different settings for different situations and change every color. Toggle back and forth between rage and legit settings, turn item ESP on and off, and switch between all your settings with a single hotkey.

How to make stream Proof

Inject>Spoof (if you spoof)>Game>Xsplit or Streamlabs. Make sure you are running Xsplit or Streamlabs as ADMIN and DELETE the original game capture then create a new game capture source.

– Presets (Legit, Semi Legit, Rage, Silent Aim Rage)
– Max Aimbot Range (Slider)
– Aim Key 1 & 2
– Aim Override Key
– Aim Smoothing (Slider)
– Aim Acceleration (Slider)

– Aim at Invisible Players (Toggle)
– Aim at Downed Players (Toggle)
– Aim at Feet for Shields (Toggle)
– Aim at Players in Vehicles (Toggle)
– Aim at Players in Smoke
– Aim Location
– Aim Override Location
– Aim Priority

– Aim FOV (Slider)
– Show FOV (Color & Toggle)
– Scale FOV with Zoom

– Silent Aim (Risky) (Color & Toggle)
– No Spread (Risky) (Toggle)
– Visibility Lock (Toggle)
– Target Downed Switch Delay (ms, Slider)
– Reduce Recoil (%, Slider)

– Rapid Fire (Toggle)

– Auto Fire at Head (Toggle)
– Auto Fire at Body (Toggle)
– Auto Fire Delay (ms, Slider)


Player ESP:
– Max Player ESP Range (Slider)
– Box Type (Color & Type)
– Box Thickness (Slider)

– Player Skeletons (Color & Toggle)
– Player Head Circles (Toggle)
– Skeleton Thickness (Slider)

– Player Names (Color & Toggle)
– Player Health (Toggle)
– Player Armor (Toggle)
– Player Weapons (Toggle)
– Exact Weapons Names (Toggle)
– Player Team ID (Toggle)
– Player Distances (Toggle)

– Bullet Prediction Marker (Color & Toggle)
– Player Aim Warnings (Color & Toggle)
– Sight Lines (Toggle)

Item ESP:
– Max Item ESP Range (Slider)

– Item Distances (Toggle)

– Cash (Toggle)
– Supply Boxes (Toggle)
– Armor (Toggle)
– Gas Masks (Toggle)
– Killstreaks (Toggle)
– Lethal Equipment (Toggle)
– Tactical Equipment (Toggle)
– Ammo (Toggle)
– Weapons (Toggle)
– Other (Toggle)

– Enemy Lethals ESP (Color & Toggle)
– Max Lethals ESP Range (Slider)
– Lethal Distances (Color & Toggle)


– 2D Radar (Toggle)
– Radar Scale (Slider)
– Triangle Size (Color & Slider)

– Downed Players (Toggle)
– Teammates (Color & Toggle)
– FOV Sights (Color & Toggle)
– Background (Color & Toggle)
– Cross (Color & Toggle)

– Unlock All Items
– Enable Reverse Camos

– Auto Ping Enemies (Toggle)
– Auto Ping Danger Nearby (Toggle)

– Melee Lunge (Toggle)
– No Flash (Toggle)
– Reduce Stun (Toggle)

– Game FOV (Slider)

– Custom Clan Tag

– 8 Settings Saves
– Menu/Text Size


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