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Valorant 1 Month



Our fully featured Valorant 1 Month menu which is probably the only undetected memory menu out there now supports:


▸ Win Ver: 1809 – 11


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Valorant 1 Month

created by one of the best development teams out there. High motivated and dedicated to bringing customers the best and safest software out there. There very well established and been going for quite a while, and there software proves just that. From aimbots to esps, to fully integrated hwid spoofer’s to save you time and hassle of sourcing those elsewhere, all at an extremely competitive price. Our fully featured Valorant menu. Probably the only undetected memory cheat out there. Our cheat has an amazing Fog-of-War system where you keep seeing players on the ESP.

Work in progress! The actual cheat may have more features than displayed below. We will do our best to update it fully in the near future.

▸ Player ESP

▸ Health

▸ Armor

▸ Distance

▸ Nickname

▸ Skeleton

▸ Aimbot

▸ Smooth

▸ No recoil

▸ 2D Box


▸ Chams

▸ Weapon ESP

▸ TriggerBOT

▸ Spread Prediction for Trigger

▸ Trigger Crosshair

▸ Shield Checkbox

▸ Trigger Crosshair customization

▸ Trigger delay working by MS


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