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Rephyx SelfBot



Availability: 10 in stock

Credit/Debit Card

Accepting Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover & Diners, JCB and UnionPay

Crypto Currency

Currently accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum only.


To purchase with paypal, join our discord server and open a ticket.



Rephyx selfbot is probably the best selfbot around, it has tons of features and a fast nitro sniper that wont disappoint you. We strive to provide unique features that separates us from the generic ones.



Anti-Token Logging.

Rephyx is able to stop Token Loggers dead in their tracks by blocking their access to Discord Cache files.


Clean Design.

Rephyx’ interface is made in such a way all information is given back to you in the best way possible



Know and see everything. We will tell you when people get online, you worry about the game.


Notifications everywhere.

Information is todays standard, and we don’t fall behind. Get Toast notifications or setup IFTTT and get notifications on any device.


Reaction Galore.

Always reacting to messages can get tiring.Let us help you out, specify an emoji and a keyword and we’ll react for you.


Crash Video Detection.

They’re still around, Discord crashing videos. Be a step ahead and know which video’s will crash your client.





[p][spamwebhook|webhookspammer] [amount=25] – Spam an webhook endpoint

[p]emotespam – Spam the specified or most recent message with random emotes.

[p][bypassblock|blockbypass] – Send someone a message you have blocked, not the other way round

[p]banall – Ban everyone in the guild.

[p]kickall – Kick everyone in the guild.

[p]destroyserver – Do it all, in one command.

[p]unbanall – Unbans everyone

[p]emotenuke – Remove every emote

[p]massmention – Send a few mass mentions into a server

[p]channelnuke – Remove every channel

[p]rolenuke – Remove every role you can

[p][tokeninfo|ti] [token] – Grab info from the provided token

[p]tokenban [token] – Run various token ban methods

[p]lagclient [amount=50] [tts=True] – Lag clients by sending a special crafted message

[p][tokenlogin|tlogin|tokenl] – Login under a user account. Bypassing the various security measures like 2fa.



[p]watcher – Main group for the watcher

[p]watcher selfbot – Tell watcher to flag possible self-bots

[p]watcher guildflag – Choose a guild to set a specific flag for.

[p]watcher status – Tell watcher to notify status changes

[p]watcher avatar – Tell watcher to notify avatar changes

[p]watcher crashvids – Tell watcher to notify on crash videos

[p]watcher selfmention – Tell watcher to notify self-mentions

[p]watcher [display|dn] – Tell watcher to notify displayname changes

[p]watcher relation – Tell watcher to notify relation changes

[p]watcher roles – Tell watcher to notify roles changes

[p]watcher activity – Tell watcher to notify activity changes

[p]watcher mainmention – Tell watcher to notify main-mention

[p]watcher command – Tell watcher to log command invocations

[p]watcher friendsonly – Tell watcher to only show friend changes

[p]watcher ghostping – Tell watcher to notify on ghost pings

[p]watcher override – Override the watcher and enable or disable it.

[p]selfbots – Display all flagged selfbots



[p][cleannuke|ncu] – Drops a fuckin bomb on chat

[p][cleanup|cu] [limit=400] – Ever tired of cleaning a chat one by one? Now you don’t have too! This is an AIO cleaner, supports: Cleaning with just a limit. Cleaning by word Cleaning by channel id or User id -> Channel id.



[p][customcommands|cc] – Main group for custom commands

[p]customcommands list – Display all custom commands in console.

[p]customcommands add – Add a custom command [P]customcommands/cc add *command* *Text*

[p]customcommands del – Delete a custom command [P]cc del *command prefix*



[p]poll – Create a simple poll.

[p]8ball – Ask the all mighty 8Ball.

[p][randomjoke|joke|riddle] – Sends a random joke, these are probably not funny at all.

[p]randomtopic – Having issues starting a conversation? Try this command and get a random topic

[p][leettext|1337text|1337] – Turn your text into the leet 1337 hacker text

[p]regional – Replace all the chars with regional emotes

[p][emotemessage|emotemsg] – Put emotes through your messages

[p]kiss – Kiss someone, you creep

[p]cuddle – Cuddle someone, over the internet.

[p]hug – Hug someone, over the internet.

[p]pat – Pat someone, over the internet.

[p]tickle – Tickle someone, over the internet.

[p]poke – Poke someone, over the internet.

[p]slap – Slap someone, over the internet.

[p]mock – Mock the last message send

[p][choice|choose] [choices…] – Chooses between multiple choices. To denote multiple choices, you should use double quotes.

[p]roll [number=100] – Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice) Defaults to 100.

[p]statustag – Let a status loop!

[p]lyricstatus – Cycle Cycle Cycle. args should be a correct Genius url. No need for -. E.G.: “Polo g” through da storm lyrics

[p]cyclestatus – Cycle Cycle Cycle. Split arguments by `, `

[p]clockstatus – Display your current time as your status

[p]keeptyping – Keep on keep on typing

[p][gaymeter|gay] [users…] – How ‘gay’ is someone? 101% accurate.

[p][penismeter|cockmeter|cock] [users…] – Measure your cocks folks 100% accurate

[p][lovecalc|love|ship] – Calculate that sweet sweet love

[p]pokespawn – It’s like that pokeman bot, but that for people. Slaves?

[p]snapneck – Snap a neck

[p]unsplash – Get a random Unsplash image

[p][nitrocode|nitro|code] – Generate a random nitro code

[p]imgflip – Create memes via ImgFlip templates

[p]imgflip create [textBottom] [textOptional] – Create a meme

[p]imgflip list – List all the meme templates

[p]imgur – Get a random Imgur image

[p]ascii – Send a msg in ascii style

[p]pfp [user] – Display your own profile picture, or someone else you’ve tagged.

[p]spam – Spam a message

[p]fakegiveaway – Create a fake giveaway embed

[p]fact – Sends a random fact

[p]reddit [_type=week] – Grabs a reddit post, from the specified sub and from when. (day, week, month, year, all)

[p]rreddit – Grabs a random reddit post, from the specified sub

[p]hack – Hack a user and get their juicy info and such

[p]upisdown – Set ur text the other way up Is a toggle.

[p]Mimic – Mimics the target untill retargeted or just plain ‘[P]mimic’

[p][editspam|espam] – Edits a messsage in

[p]massreact [limit=50] – React to every past message with a certain reaction



[p][messagedump|msgdump|chatdump] – Dump all messages in a channel to a file

[p]autoack – Automatically Acknowledge all messages send in DMs

[p]encrypt – Encrypt a Message

[p]decrypt – Decrypt a Message

[p]afk – Main group for afk, leave empty to switch boolean

[p]afk msg – Set the message the bot will reply with

[p]log – Boolean for message logger

[p]log blacklist – Blacklist guild from showing in logger



[p]clearchat – Send empty message to ‘clear’ the chat.

[p]motd – Print our Message of the day.

[p]dog – Return a random dog image.

[p]cat – Return a random cat image.

[p]fox – Return a random fox image.

[p]lmgtfy – Returns a LetMeGoogleThatForYou link with the specified terms

[p]google – Generate a google link

[p]urban – Search a term on urban dictionary

[p][youtube|yt|ytsearch] – Search a yt video via terms

[p]iplookup – Get info from an IP

[p]customembed – Create an embed. To enlarge the strings, surround them by double quotes

[p][spoilertype|spoilertyping|spoiler] – Type in spoiler

[p]sherlock – Search for usernames by using the Sherlock project.

[p][cloneemote|clonee] – Clone an emoji to your server of choice.

[p][emotedump|es|scrapeemote] – Scrape the emotes in the used server

[p][silentemotedump|ses|sse|silentscrapeemotes] [SID] – Scrape emotes via guildID

[p]clantag – Go back to CS:GO and get an awesome clantag.

[p]stopclantag – Stop the clantag function.

[p]mname [data] – Start moving your name around

[p][stopmovingname|mns|smn] – Stop the clantag function.

[p]genpass [length=8] [complexity=0] – Generate a password.

[p]ping – Pong



[p][captchabypass|cbypass] <_bool> – Enable or Disable Captcha Bypasser.

[p]presence – Change the look of your presence.

[p]presence state – Change the state text of the Presence.

[p]presence clientid – Change the clientID of the presence.

[p]presence largetext – Change the large text of the Presence.

[p]presence details <\details> – Change the details text of the presence.

[p]presence active – Turn the presence on or off.

[p]presence smallimage – Change the small image of the Presence.

[p]presence button1 – Change Button 1.

[p]presence pipe – Set the discord pipe to operate on. (pipe0, pipe1 & pipe2).

[p]presence smalltext – Change the small text of the presence.

[p]presence button2 – Change Button 2

[p]presence largeimage – Change the large image of the presence.

[p][notifications|notify|notifies|notification] – N/A

[p]notifications [webhooks|webhook] – Turn off webhook notifications.

[p]notifications toasts – Turn off toast notifications. Enter (y/n) to directly influence the entire Toast Notifier. Enter watcher/cvd/misc/sniper to influence certain parts.

[p]notifications sound – Turn off sound notifications.

[p]search – N/A

[p]atl – ATL command group

[p]atl whitelist – Adds a program to the ATL whitelist.

[p]atl wremove – Removes a program from the ATL whitelist.

[p]atl blacklist – Adds a program to the ATL blacklist.

[p]atl bremove – Removes a program from the ATL blacklist.

[p]alt embed – Change embed settings

[p]embed author – Set the author text for embeds

[p]embed export – Export your current embed theme to a json file.

[p]embed [colour|color] – Set the embed colours. Split values by `:`. E.G.: `25:175:21`.

[p]embed title – Set the author text for embeds

[p]embed load – Load a theme.

[p]embed [deletetime|deletiontime|deletetimer] [timer=20] – Set the delete timer for embeds

[p]embed footer – Set the author text for embeds

[p]embed enable – Switches between codeblocks or embeds.

[p]embed thumbnail – Set the author text for embeds

[p]embed list – Display all embed settings

[p]protection – Change some protection vars of the bot

[p]protection [ATL|atl] – Enable or disable the entire Anti-Token logger.

[p]protection [IATL|iatl] – Enable or disable the Stopping power of Anti-Token logger. This will display to you if we’d had intervened, instead of intervening if disabled.

[p]protection nitro – Switch the protection bool for nitro sniper

[p]protection giveaway – Switch the protection bool for Giveaway Joiner

[p]ccreload – Reload custom cogs

[p]settings – Change core settings

[p]settings headertext – Set header text

[p]settings password – Set your current discord password. Basically the same function as the one found in password changer.

[p]settings giveaway – Change the giveaway joiner boolean

[p]settings [headercolour|headercolor] – Set the colours of the headers text

[p]settings smartreact – Override the smartreact

[p]settings giveawaydelay – Set the delay for the giveaway joiner

[p]settings driverpath – Set the path to the chromedriver

[p]settings [giveawayblacklist|gbl] – Alias: `gbl` Blacklist a guild where the giveaway joiner won’t auto join However it will still display the giveaway and where it is.

[p]settings [info|list] – Displays current settings

[p]settings nitro – Disable/enable nitro sniper

[p][webhooks|webhook] – Set various webhooks for our bot.

[p]webhooks nitroclaimed – Set the webhook the bot uses if you’ve claimed a Nitro Code.

[p]webhooks selfbot – Set the webhook the bot uses to notify for selfbot detections.

[p]webhooks nitrofails – Set the webhook the bot uses if the bot failed to claim nitro.

[p]webhooks generate – Generate all channels with their respective webhook.

[p]webhooks ghostpings – Set the webhook the bot uses to notify for Ghostpings.

[p]webhooks giveaway – Set the webhook the bot uses if you’ve joined a giveaway.

[p]webhooks watcher – Set the webhook the bot uses to notify for Watcher related stuff.

[p][kill|quit|stop] – Close the bot.

[p][info|botinfo|stats] – Display some cool info of the bot and your pc.

[p]uptime – Show current bot uptime.

[p][clear|fcc|clean] – Cleans your terminal.

[p]prefix [prefix] – Set the prefix for the bot.

[p]restart – Tester+ only, restart bot.



[p]react – Smart reactions, who doesn’t love it?

[p]react add – Add a reaction, that’s a message.

[p]react del – Delete a trigger word from smart reactions

[p]react flush – Flush cooldown timer

[p]react delay [delay=1] – Set the delay for how long the reactor should wait

[p]react list – Displays current reactions with triggers

[p]react emote – Add a smart reaction [P]react emote *word* *Emote*

[p]react whitelist – Whitelist servers where smart react will work



[p]claimtoken – Set the token the bot will claim nitro under

[p]sniper – Little Sniper group

[p]sniper cache – Refresh the sniper method cache

[p]sniper method – This allows you to specify the sniping method. Methods: 0, 1 & 2

[p]sniper unsafe – This allows you to bypass all our checks and instantly jump to the sniping part. This means we don’t check for ANYTHING



[p]dmsearch – Search for a message in all active DMs.

[p]pcspecs – Fetch and flex your pc specs.

[p][randominfo|fakeinfo] [arg=us] – Generate random Personal information. Allowed args: us, ca & uk

[p][speedtest|netspeed] – Grabs your internet speed.

[p]userinfo – Display basic info from a discord user via pinging or userid

[p]serverinfo – Get info from a guild

[p][resetactivity|resetacti] – Reset your own activity.

[p]stream – Set a custom streaming activity.

[p]playing – Set a custom playing activity.

[p]listening – Set a custom listening activity.

[p]watching – Set a custom watching activity.

[p]stealpfp – Steal someone’s profile picture.

[p][ghost|spy|invis] – Make your name and pfp invisible.

[p]dlavatar [user] – Download an users Avatar

[p]hypesquad – Set your hypesquad house bravery – 1 brilliance – 2 balance – 3



[p]rename – Rename yourself or someone else

[p]pnick – You. Shall. Not. CHANGE YOUR NICKNAME! Persist a certain nickname on a user. When they attempt to change it, it’ll get rolled back.

[p]purge – Chat dirty? Let’s purge the filth!

[p]ban – Can’t wait to use that hammer?

[p]kick – Got a scrathy boot?

[p]hackban – Ban a user via their UserID

[p]nuke [savePins=False] – Nukes a damn channel and saves the pinned messages

[p]modtrigger – Moderation Triggers group

[p]modtrigger [delete|del|remove] – Removes a moderation trigger

[p]modtrigger add – Add a Moderation trigger word Allowed methods are: ban, kick, warn, notify

[p]modtrigger [whitelistremove|wlr] – Remove a server from the moderation triggerwords whitelist

[p]modtrigger [globaladd|gadd] – Add trigger which works globally.

[p]modtrigger [whitelistadd|wla] – Add a server to the moderation triggerwords whitelist

[p]modtrigger list – Lists all Moderation triggers



[p]alias – Create aliases to execute certain commands

[p]alias list – Display all Aliases

[p]alias add – Create a command alias

[p]alias [del|remove|delete] – Delete an Alias

[p]alias help – Attempts to display the help msg for the command



[p][timedmessages|tmessage|tmsg] – Leave empty to enable or disable.

[p]timedmessages list – List all timed messages

[p]timedmessages add – Add a timed message in the channel it’s invoked in.

[p]timedmessages del – Delete a timed message



[p][passwordchanger|pwdchanger] – The main group to interact with our password changer.

[p]passwordchanger delay – Set the delay for how long we have to wait to change your password. Support for Seconds, Minutes, Hours and days. Usage: `[p]pwdchanger delay 12h` sets the delay for twelve hour

[p]passwordchanger password – Sets the account password for us to use.



[p]hentai – Grab an Not safe for work image

[p]hentai cumsluts – Drawn girls covered in cum

[p]hentai blowjob – She can’t speak anymore

[p]hentai lesbian – Two girls ‘playing’

[p]hentai anal – the tighter hole

[p]hentai boobs – the best place on earth

[p]hentai tits – the best things on earth

[p]hentai random – A random hentai image.

[p]hentai neko – Ears like a cat

[p]hentai pussy – The best place for your stick


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