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2Take1 90 Days Standard

2Take1 Standard Lifetime

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2Take1 Standard Lifetime – this is probably the safest mod menu out there. It contains features like no other menu such as: Remote Functions, Aimbot, Vehicle Spawner, full recovery, Customizable Protections, LUA Script Engine, Casino Heist AI, Perico heist Companion and many more


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2Take1 Standard Lifetime

2Take1 Standard Lifetime – this is probably the safest mod menu out there with some absolutely amazing features. A stable trainer developed by sub1to, MikeRohsoft and Cynical Bastard that has been around since 2017. 2Take1 Standard Lifetime is the successor to an open-source project called subVersion.

Features some of the most interesting and Important Features like no other Menus like -Remote Functions, Aimbot, Vehicle Spawner, full recovery, Customizable Protections, LUA Script Engine, Casino Heist AI, Perico heist Companion, and many more

Its uncompromising protection level against other Trainers in the modding Community is Un-parallel. Adding up with some Self/Pre-made Lua Scripts users will experience the menu to its maximum ability.
The Menus comes in 2 variants Standard version and VIP version, using the VIP version a user can experience the menu at its maximum potential with some VIP exclusive features that Standard can’t provide, yet having the max features Standard doesn’t lack behind.

Every time GTA V releases a patch the Dev team of this trainer stands first to release the latest patch.

A frequent updating menu buys the most skilled Dev and staff team to ensure user’s maximum experience keeping safety in mind, 2Take1 Standard Lifetime will be easily anyone’s first choice as their main favorite GTA V trainer. This menu also has one of the most customizable user interfaces, a clean, neat, and easy to handle UI to make sure the user is comfortable while using in-game.

2Take1 Standard Lifetime also supports a controller control as well as keyboard control that many major menus lack.

In addition to all these incredible features, a user can be a part of the most amazing communities with some of the most skilled, helpful, and recognized staff of the GTA modding community; where they can share Protections, LUA Scripts, Outfits, Configuration, Cars, Themes with other fellow 2take1 users.

Looking to buy 2Take1 Standard/VIP Subscriptions?

Visit our store page to buy 2Take1 Standard Lifetime/ 2Take1 VIP subscriptions or click the product you wanna buy below and receive your key instantly via mail. You can use your credit/debit card with the Stripe option or purchase with Bitcoin.

  1. 2Take1 VIP 40Days
  2. 2Take1 VIP 90Days
  3. 2Take1 Standard 40Days
  4. 2Take1 Standard 90Days

If you wish to use PayPal, please join our discord server and create a ticket.

How does 2Take1 Standard Lifetime work?

  • After purchase look into your email used while purchasing for a relevent email from Community Mods
  • Look into Junk/Spam if not found in Inbox.
  • Look for license code, cope and follow the next Redeeming a Key steps to redeem your key

In case you dont find the email at all, please join our discord server and create a ticket and fill the issue template and a staff member will sort your problem as fast as possible!

Redeeming a 2Take1 Standard Lifetime key.

Step 1: Account Creation/Login
Head over to and login or create a new account.
Step 2: My Account
After logging in, get to the “My Account” tab and find the “Redeem a Code” button.
Step 3: Redeem Your Key
You will see a text prompt after clicking on the button. Put the license key we provided you in either Sellix email, or delivered in a ticket, and click on save button.


This part is the most important. You need to join 2Take1 private server to find translations, LUA scripts, themes, and many more shared by other users in there. Also you can get direct official support from 2Take1 staff team. Follow the steps below to join.


Step 1: First Join The Public Server

Join Public 2Take1 server.  You can click on this invite URL or you can also find the updated links on 2Take1 website. Currently public server is called “imsoscared’s server”


Step 2: Find [$] sub0to#2044 BOT

Once you join the server, try to find the [$] sub0to#2044 BOT. It is in the third place in public server’s member-list.


Step 3: Message [$] sub0to#2044 BOT with Your 2Take1 Token

Login to your account on the 2Take1 website, and when you get to the user panel, you should be able to see your token below your registered email address. It is a long string of letters, numbers, and signs and unique to each 2Take1 account. You need to copy that whole string and message the [$] sub0to#2044 BOT. Example below:

Message the bot with -> $auth yourtokenhere

example: $auth ZXlKcGRpSTZ…

Once you send the message, the bot should invite you to the latest private 2Take1 Discord server.

A 2Take1 token and a Discord token are completely different things and unrelated.

Extra: If you like to get the VIP role in private server, message the bot again with your token, but this time instead of using $auth command, use $vip.

How To Open 2Take1 Standard Lifetime?

Press  (negetive) on the Numberpad to open the menu when you see the “Welcome” message.

Editing the Keybinds of 2Take1 Standard Lifetime.

Keybinds are defined in the profile that 2Take1 is currently using. Normally, you will be using the default profile, but you can also set keybinds for custom profiles.

Locate the profile and open it with any text editor (such as Notepad). Find the [KEYS] section and change the key associated to each function of the menu. For each function, you may assign a single key or a combination of them (concatenated with +). After editing the keybinds, reload the profile or reinject the menu in order to apply them.

You can find the full list of allowed keys below.





You can use Cayo Perico or Casino heist skips to finish heists easily.

Enable god-mode, do some bullet modifications, go to Heist tab and disable things like cameras, unlock doors; whatever you feel like is the best and finish the heists easily.



The VIP menu comes with a Business Manager. You can get money while freely roaming the world.

Business Manager will make your active businesses (MC Businesses, Nightclub, Arcade, Bunker…) produce products, restock and sell in the background. You just need to activate the option and leave it the rest.

This option will not impact FPS. Also, we recommend that only activate this while you’re free-roaming, not in missions.



LUA Scripts can be added to both versions of the menu, and some of them can be used for money. Currently, users have developed a 1.2 million CEO money loop and many different ways to heists. Join the private server to download scripts, tutorial on how to join the private server is above.

*Warning! LUA Script money methods’ safety is not guaranteed and not supported by the actual developers of the menu. It is made by users for other users and it is up to you if you want to install it or not.
2Take1 Standard Lifetime screenshot:


2Take1 Standard Lifetime Showcase:

For any other inquiries about 2Take1 Standard Lifetime or questions please join our Discord Community!

Still need help with 2Take1 Standard Lifetime after purchase?
    • Join our discord to redeem.
    • Link to download.
    • Unlimited, 24/7 Support from us.
    • A great feature-packed menu


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