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Table of Contents


Buy 2Take1 Standard

Visit our store page to buy 2Take1 Standard and receive your key instantly. You can use your credit/debit card with the Stripe option or purchase with Bitcoin. If you wish to use PayPal, please join our discord server.

Buy 2Take1 VIP

Visit our store page to buy 2Take1 VIP and receive your key instantly. You can use your credit/debit card with the Stripe option or purchase with Bitcoin.


  • License codes have no expiration date. Your license countdown will start once you redeem it.
  • You do not need to wait for a license to expire before redeeming a new one.
  • A VIP license also allows you to download the Standard edition of the menu.
  • If you have an active license and redeem a license of the same edition, the new license will not start until the previous one expires.
  • If you have an active Standard license and redeem a VIP license, it will become active right away. However, your Standard license will still be active and counting down.
  • Once a license has been redeemed, the license code cannot be used again. If you try to redeem an used code, you will receive an error.
  • Once a license becomes active, it cannot be stopped or frozen.

Steps to follow after purchasing the License:

  • After purchasing, visit 2take1 website and create an account.
  • Copy the License and head towards user page and redeem the key and download the Zip and extract them to any folder of your liking.
  • Make sure your game is closed, and run the Launcher.exe file with Admin permissions.
  • Type your username and password from the website, and press Enter.
  • Wait until you see the message Waiting for GTA5.exe
  • Run GTA normally and wait until you are in the main selection screen, or in Single Player / Online.
  • Click on the Inject button when you are ready. You will see a splash screen on your game once it loads.
  • When in game, press NUM -  to open or close the menu.
  • Use NUM 8,2,4,6 to navigate the menu. F9 to save settings and F12  to uninject the menu (hold for ½ sec).

License Upgrade

  • If you have a Lifetime Standard license, you can upgrade it to Lifetime VIP by paying the difference between them, which is 44 EUR. You may purchase an upgrade from Andy or a third-party reseller; during this process, they will request your 2Take1 username.
  • If you have a Standard license with at least 41 days left, you can upgrade it to VIP for free; you will lose ⅓ of the remaining days on your license after this process. If you have a Standard license that meets the requirement, an Upgrade to VIP button will appear next to it.
Please note that both upgrade processes are irreversible.

License Merge

  • If your Standard license has less than 40 days left, you can purchase additional Standard licenses and merge them with your current one. This way, you will be able to upgrade your merged license to VIP.
  • When you redeem many Standard licenses, a Merge All Standard Licenses button will appear. Please note that this process is irreversible.

Password Reset

You can click on the  icon to reset your password. If you forgot your password, or click here.


  •  2Take1 requires GTA to be run in DirectX 11.
  • Make sure you have no graphical mods installed, such as ENBseries.
  • The menu will not work on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Compatibility with Windows 11, cloud PCs, virtual machines or other operating systems is not guaranteed either.
  • If your issue occurs while you are using Lua scripts or co-loading other menus along with 2Take1, try again without
    using them.

Usage Guide

Navigation with Keyboard:

  • Num - to open or close the menu.
  • Num 5 to select a feature or enter a submenu.
  • Num 0 to go back.
  • Num 8 and Num 2 to move up and down.
  • Num 4 and Num 6 to change the value of a feature.
  • Num 7 and Num 9 to move between tabs.
  • F9 to save your settings.
  • F12 to uninject (hold for 1 second).

Navigation with Controller:

Enable Controller Support, close the menu with keyboard, and then use the following buttons to navigate through the menu:

  • RT + to open or close the menu.
  • A to select a feature or enter a submenu.
  • B to go back.
  • and to move up and down.
  • and to change the value of a feature.
  • LB and RB to move between tabs.'

Custom Keybinds

By default, 2Take1 can be controlled with the Numeric Pad, but you can change these keys if you want.

Editing the Keybinds

Keybinds are defined in the profile that 2Take1 is currently using. Normally, you will be using the default profile, but you can also set keybinds for custom profiles.

Locate the profile and open it with any text editor (such as Notepad). Find the [KEYS] section and change the key associated to each function of the menu. For each function, you may assign a single key or a combination of them (concatenated with +). After editing the keybinds, reload the profile or reinject the menu in order to apply them.


Adding Custom Languages


In order to translate 2Take1, you first have to generate a language file which you may use to create a translation of the menu.

Doing this will dump the names of every single submenu and feature into the following file:


Open the language file with any text editor and you will see the feature hashes along with their associated names. Hashes that are defined in this file will override the original ones, so you may translate all names to your own language and they will be used by 2Take1:

hash1=Feature 1
hash2=Feature 2
hash3=Feature 3

Once you have translated the features, reinject the menu to apply the changes.


The Lua engine of 2Take1Menu allows you to expand the functionality of the menu by creating you own features. You can make use of the Lua API to code scripts and run them from within 2Take1, as well as import scripts created by other users.

New releases of 2Take1 often include updates to the API. If you are developing a Lua script, stay tuned to the release notes, as your creation may require a workaround after a new update.

Similarly, if you are using a script created by other user, keep in mind that it might stop working properly after a new release, so ask its creator to update it.

Script Installation

2Take1 will scan for *.lua and *.luac scripts in the following directory. The scan is not recursive; if the scripts are located in subfolders, they will not be detected:


While 2Take1 is injected, go to Local Tab → Scripts, look for the name of the script and select it to load its features. You may access the features of the script in:

  • Local Tab → Script Features
  • Online Tab → Online Players → *choose a player* → Script Features


2Take1 supports pre-compiled scripts in *.luac format. By compiling your scripts, you can safely share them with other users without revealing how your features work.

Make sure you strip debug information from your scripts during compilation; otherwise, the debug console could be used to reverse-engineer your script and compromise its secrecy.

You can find more information about luac in their official documentation.


2Take1's Lua Engine provides the io._encrypt function, which allows you to encrypt your scripts. This prevents other mod menu's Lua loaders from running your scripts, since only 2Take1 will be able to decrypt them.

It is highly recommended that you combine encryption with compilation to further protect your scripts from being tampered with. In order to proceed, you must compile the script first (stripping debug information), and then encrypt the generated luac file. The opposite order would not work, because the compiler is unable to read the encrypted Lua code.

Trusted Mode

Some of the functions in the Lua API could be dangerous if used improperly. For this reason, these API features are disabled by default on 2Take1. If you wish to use a script that relies on these functions, you can do so by enabling Trusted Mode.

Trusted mode is split across the following instruction types, which you can enable at Local Tab → Scripts → Trusted Mode:

  • Stats
  • Globals and Locals
  • Natives
  • HTTP requests
  • Memory


SOAB (Stepped On A Bee) is a custom ASI loader, developed by the 2Take1 DEVs, made available for free and for everyone. It is an alternative to the now stale ScriptHookV and will receive continuous updates. Download here.

Standalone Mode

In standalone mode, SOAB will scan for *.asi scripts in the following directories (non-recursively) and proceed to load all of them:

%gta%\ %gta%\plugins\ %appdata%\PopstarDevs\ScriptHook\

Place the mdsoab.dll and dinput8.dll files in your GTA directory (where gta5.exe is located), and restart the game if it was already running. As an alternative, you can inject mdsoab.dll into the GTA5 process with Cheat Engine or similar programs.

Note that SOAB, when used standalone, is incompatible with GTA Online and may only be used in Single Player mode. If you want to play online, make sure you remove both DLLs from the GTA directory.

Integration with 2Take1

As per version 2.59.0, 2Take1 is interoperable with SOAB. For this integration to work, you must place mdsoab.dll in your 2Take1 launcher directory (where Launcher.exe is located). dinput8.dll is not needed for this procedure and, if present in your GTA directory, must be deleted.

The integration mode provides a number of advantages over the standalone mode:

  • ASI scripts can be used in GTA Online1.
  • You can load and unload scripts selectively.
  • SOAB will bypass any built-in online checks in the scripts.

If you choose to use SOAB alongside 2Take1, there are a few things to keep in mind...

  • Do NOT use SOAB standalone if you intend to use 2Take1 too.
  • Some scripts, such as Menyoo, may require additional assets in order to work. It is recommended that you place them inside the GTA directory; ASI scripts could not be able to recognise any assets placed in %appdata%\PopstarDevs\ScriptHook\.
  • If 2Take1 is unable to inject SOAB (for example, because the file is missing or it has a different name), you must restart the Popstar launcher (as well as the game) if you want to inject SOAB after fixing any issues.

Note: SOAB has been developed by the 2Take1 DEVs, but it is NOT related to 2Take1Menu. By no means may we be held responsible for any form or damage caused by SOAB.