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Table of Contents

Want to purchase PhantomX?

Click here: https://communitymods.net/shop/gta-v/phantomx/phantom-x-digital-deluxe/

How to download set-up PhantomX?

  • Make sure your Windows defender and any other security measures are disabled.
  • Download here
  • After downloading the PXInstaller, run it as admin and wait for it to finish installation. (default path will be C:\PhantomFiles)
  • Login to the px launcher with the login information you received on purchase.
  • Run GTA V
  • Press in ject in the launcher

Launcher Pic

How to Navigate PhantomX using Keyboard?

  • F5 – Open/close
  • Num 0 – Back
  • Num 4 – Left
  • Num 5 – Apply
  • Num 6 – Right
  • Num 2 – Down
  • Num 8 – Up

How to use PhantomX with 60% keyboard?

  • Open PX
  • Open Windows On Screen Keyboard App
  • Navigate to options and enable numeric keyboard
  • Go back to GTA and open PX settings (with On Screen Keyboard)
  • Select arrow control
  • Save menu settings
  • Close game and Phantom-X
  • download this config link
  • save it into C:\PhantomFiles\Setting
  • Start game and Phantom-X

How to use PhantomX with an Controller?

  • Start up PhantomX and navigate to Settings, now select Navigation Controls [1/3] Numpad+Arrows.
  • Go to Settings - Menu Settings and press Save Current Menu Settings.
  • Close GTA and download the free keybinding software AntiMicro. Download
  • Now run the Setup .msi, as soon as the installation is finished open antimicro
  • Now you have 2 options to map your controller
     a) Download our precreated profile and load it. Download b) Create your own profile, make sure to bind following keys onto the controller: -F5, Backspace, Enter, Arrow up; down; left; right.
  • Save your profile and startup GTA with the PX again. Now you are able to control Phantom-X with your Controller.
  • Precreated profile info: RStick:
    left=lower value;
    right= higher value


    PS3 O, Xbox B = F5

How to RID Join with Phantom-X? 

  • Open PhantomX and navigate to General Online Options>Rockstar ID Joiner
  • You can now select a R*ID from your *Database or type in a custom R*ID
  • Select it with Enter(custom input) or Num5(database)
  • Then go into your GTA Main menu
  • Select Online>Crews>Suggested crews>View members>Choose any member>Press “Join”

*if you want to add player into your database navigate to Online players list>Choose player>Scroll down and there you will see option “Add Rockstar ID into Database” or something like that


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